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    We offer a wide selection of products from the best European air handling and energy equipment manufacturers. Particular attention is paid to providing high quality and value for money, ie achieving maximum efficiency with optimal expenses as well as high reliability of the equipment and systems. In addition to value for money, the qualified selection of the equipment as well as respect of the all technical requirements is fundamental. All our equipment and materials are certified. We ensure warranty and post-warranty service for our products.

    Istrol offers wide and unique range of industrial automatics, control and management systems ranging from room thermostats to multi-functional controllers of air handling systems (more than 100 different products in the field of HVAC controllers). The automation equipment is manufactured by Swedish company KONTROLLELEKTRONIK AB. Istrol have been keeping longstanding high reputation of the factory, as well as creating his own reputation as a professional and confident distributor of Kontrollelektronik in Estonia and the Baltic states already for more than five years.
    When choosing and operating products from Kontrollelektronik factory you make the optimal decision, since this automation equipment:

    •    Is of high quality and reliable
    •    Has a factory warranty for two years or more
    •    Is designed considering the market perspectives
    •    Is easily managed
    •    Is continuous available in Istrol’s warehouse

    Air handling equipment 
    Air handling units from Swedish supplier LTS AB are distinguished by unbeatable technical parameters, low noise level, high quality and reliability.
    High quality fans made in Holland, with different types of heavy-duty and low noise motors – for conduits (100-315mm), rooftop units, for bathrooms and toilets. Extraction fans for kitchen and compact units for residential ventilation machines. Products of Rosenberg GmbH.



      Emerson is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company. Emerson offer a wide range of products and services in the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets through our Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial & Residential Solutions businesses.


      With more than 600 models Airwell’s product portfolio is known as one of the widest in the market including all types of air conditioning equipment covering the demands of private households, large residential, commercial and industrial applications as well as of niche markets such as propeller fan chilled water units.
      The Airwell product range has been known for its high reliability, efficiency and quality standards and the company hasn’t stopped growing.



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