About company

OÜ Istrol was founded in October 1992.

Our office is located in Viimsi Tallinn District.

Our address: Reinu tee 7, Pringi 74001 Viimsi vald
Postal address: PK 3565, 10507 Tallinn, Estonia

Our company profile
The main direction of our activity is the wholesale trade of various technological equipment directly to consumers, as well as through a network of authorized dealers throughout Estonia. In addition, the company provides service, diagnostics and repair of equipment. Consulting and design are also included in the scope of our services. The company also sells specialized equipment for server and telecommunications premises, provides its maintenance and repair, and offers engineering support. Our company is characterized by continuous development, expansion of the range of equipment and services. The main focus on the requirements of customers and partners. Active position in the market.

main partners:

Rosenberg GmbH
The products of these factories are distinguished by reliability, high quality and enjoy the deserved respect in Europe and Scandinavia.

Important dates:

September 12, 1996 – the beginning of cooperation with KONTROLLELEKTRONIK AB
May 15, 1997 – the beginning of cooperation with ACE Airwell.
September 1, 1997 – Istrol moves to the LaFerme business center.
On February 17-19, 1999, Istrol takes part in the international exhibition “Enerex 1999. Elcomatic 1999”. The exhibition was held in Estonia at: Pirita tee 28, Tallinn, our stand stend B-1. The theme of the exhibition is automation and industrial electronics.
November 8-13, 1999 – Participation in the 16th international exhibition “Interclima Intercomfort” in Paris. One of the main partners of our company – the French firm “Airwell” – was presented in the second box 2, 4th hall “alleel J”. Istrol specialists took part in the exhibition as official representatives of “Airwelli” in Estonia.
On April 12-15, 2000, Istrol takes part in the international exhibition “Eesti Ehitab 2000”. The exhibition was held at Pirita tee 28, Tallinn, our stand E-33.
August 15, 2000 – official release of the updated website.
March 19-20, 2001 – two-day seminar “2001 a. Uute seadmete valik” in the LaFerme business center.
10 oktoober 1992 – the birthday of the company.