Istrol OÜ offers a complete services for sales, design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and automation systems. Our goal is to ensure selection of the right equipment for every application, that meets the client’s needs and the specific technical conditions.

Free services

For partners and customers, Istrol provides following free services:

  • Advising on equipment selection
  • Site visits by specialists and preparing the calculations beforehand
  • Supply of promotional and information materials
  • Warranty services from 1 to 3 years (depending on equipment)


The following the services are subject to charge and prices are in accordance with the general price list:

  • Equipment installation and start-up
  • Post-warranty service
  • Design
  • Transport services outside of Tallinn and Estonia

We believe that the quality of our services and equipment is higher than you can expect, and the prices and delivery times are always kept in minimum.