LTS AB was founded in 1968. The Head Office and production is located in Söderköping, Sweden. After a few extensions, the company takes an approx. 4000 sqm of area on a surface. From the mid-1980s, the LTS AB is focusing on ventilation systems, trying to develop the market of ventilation products. LTS today has a sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Söderköping. LTS AB is also represented in Denmark, Norway and Finland.



Because of temperature efficiency and controllability the following rotating heat exchanger is the most efficient heat exchanger which is available.


LTS Extreme

Air flow rate range from 30-520 l/s and distributed in three sizes. All sizes requires 800 mm opening width for transport. Despite the small size, the structure and quality are at the same level as our other units.

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LTS Victum

Probably the best state-connected heat recovery unit with an air flow range from0.08 to 1.4 m3 / s distributed among in five sizes.

LTS Excellent

LTS is a series of Excellent heat recovery heaters with airflow range from 0.5-10,2 m3/s distributed in seven sizes and 16 different layout options. Each LTS unitsbuilt specifically for your plant and its needs.

The design and selection of components has been made to achieve comfort andsound energy, which can stand comparison. LTS Excellent ® gives you the bestprerequisite to high quality facilities and excellent air quality.

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LTS 504

Ventilation unit with overall dimensions, design and audio performance that is designed for ceiling installation. Air flow range up to 0.9 m³/s

LTS Carbon

Activated carbon is an effective and proven method for odour reduction/air purification.Technology has the same positive effect in most environments: everything from apartment buildings, offices, public places, hospitals, catering facilities, warehouses, museums, computer halls, airport terminals, to industrial applications such as paper mills, food and chemical industry.


LTS 320

Air heaters LTS 320 is designed for heating entrances, stores, restaurants, warehouses, workshops, factories, exhibition halls and similar premises.Stainless design suitable air heater very well for montage in aggressive environments, such as car washes.

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Airwell Residential is a part of an Airwell Group, which offers a complete range of residental air conditioners (RAC) and central air conditioning (CAC) systems intended for residental, commercial tertiary and industrial markets. Airwell Group products are marketed under several labels such as Airwell, Electra, Wesper.

The products sold under Airwell Residential brand name are mainly the CAC products, which are split up to be manufactured in each production site according to its domain of excellence.

To improve the quality of its products, to increase its production capacity with best productivity and to improve the lead time, the company is continuously investing in high-performance tools in each production site.


AirTwin TR 20 to 1000
Premi@ir PR 20 to 360
Slimair SR 0303 kuni 0318


WESPAK Belt Driven Compact Air Handling Unit
WESPAK Direct Driven Compact Air Handling Unit


WESTHERM Propeller Fan Unit Heaters


Since 1981 Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH, located in Künzelsau-Gaisbach, has developed into an outstanding centre of the air movement and air handling industry by design and production of controllable external rotor motors. The entire production of all parts including motors, fans, controllers and complete air handling units makes us independent of suppliers and allows us to develop fast and specific solutions for our clients. Rosenberg is a competitive medium sized company with around 1400 employees worldwide. During the last 20 years the Rosenberg Group has been complemented in Europe by seven additional works in France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany. In addition to this there are numerous subsidiaries an partners around the world.


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20mm Insulation (Aluminium)
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