A Daikin home air purifier utilises the very latest technology to eliminate potentially harmful agents from the air. It improves indoor air quality and creates a healthier environment in your home, all in near silence.

Air purification protects health

Daikin’s air purifiers are highly effective in eliminating pollution, allergens, bacteria and viruses from the air, to help create a healthy home environment that protects your family’s health and well being, as well as improving breathing comfort for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Humidification and purification in harmony

Our well-being depends upon the air we breathe – but in modern buildings, clean indoor air is often hard to find. Daikin has created the Ururu air purifier and humidifier, which dramatically improves indoor air quality.

Airborne particles create health risks

However clean the inside air appears to be, it can harbour hidden threats to your health in the form of invisible airborne particles, including allergens and micro-organisms such as mould and bacteria.

Very dry air causes discomfort

The dry, warm air inside today’s well heated and insulated buildings also often has a low humidity level. This can contribute to dehydration, which can have unwelcome side effects such as a dry throat, irritating cough, or sore eyes.C

Combined air purification and humidification

Ururu is a powerful air purification system to remove harmful airborne particles and agents, coupled with a built-in humidifier to provide a constant supply of fresh air that is more comfortable and safer to breathe.

Wall mounted type Inverter Ururu Sarara

Daikin’s Ururu Sarara series of air conditioners is the first in the world to offer humidifying and drying functions for humidity control along with fresh air supply ventilation. It provides advanced climate control for an optimally comfortable indoor environment. This new type of humidifying system uses moisture from outdoor air to raise the indoor humidity level, so does not need a separate water supply. It maintains a comfortable humidity level even during dry weather.

Daikin Ururu air purfier-humidifier

Air purification protects health
Daikin’s air purifiers are highly effective in eliminating pollution, allergens, bacteria and viruses from the air, to help create a healthy home environment that protects your family’s health and well being, as well as improving breathing comfort for asthma and allergy sufferers.



JS Humidifiers is the leading humidification specialist with expertise in every industry requiring humidity control. We design bespoke humidifier solutions as well as supply an extensive range of units ex-stock, along with servicing and spare parts for all makes and models. Operating in over 80 countries across the globe, wherever you are and whatever your humidification requirement is, JS Humidifiers can provide the right humidifier for you.


JetSpray – the World’s leading air & water atomising humidifier

The JetSpray humidifier provides economical and consistent humidification directly into workspaces and within air handling systems.

JetSpray humidification systems have been humidifying industries and air handling systems around the world for over 25 years. Continually developed to incorporate the latest in controls, hygiene and environmentally sound technology, the JetSpray is the leading air and water atomising humidifier.

JetSpray’s precision engineered self-cleaning nozzles have the lowest air consumption of any air/water humidifier. The drip-free nozzles produce sprays of just 7.5µm and are built to last carrying a 10-year warranty.

The control panel uses the latest remote digital interface, which can be mounted up to 100m away from the main control unit. The whole system is very easy to install and can run on mains, demineralised or softened water. Due to a self-cleaning mechanism, maintenance is minimal and often comprises of just an annual check, making the JetSpray ideal for use in busy industrial environments.

Draabe NanoFog Evolution in-room humidifier

The Draabe NanoFog Evolution is an attractive, compact and discrete in-room spray humidifier. It is very quiet in operation and ideal for use in offices, museums or any occupied area that doesn’t have a central air handling unit.

A single nozzle can provide up to 3kg/h of water to a room’s atmosphere with multiple nozzle systems delivering up to 200kg/h.

The humidifier incorporates reverse osmosis water treatment, high pressure pump, in-room nozzles, in-room hygrostats and a central control panel. 

Its low energy operation and innovative service module exchange concept keep running costs to a minimum. These savings, combined with its attractive design and cold water operation, make the NanoFog Evolution a much better solution for in-room humidification than more traditional steam humidifiers.

Condair Dual 2 in-duct hybrid humidifier

The Condair Dual 2 hybrid spray and evaporative humidifier offers ultra-hygienic performance without the high energy costs of steam humidifiers. It is the ideal solution for applications that need large humidification outputs, close humidity control with low operating costs.

The humidifier can provide up to 1,000kg/hr of moisture to an air handling unit at ±4%RH while operating on just 0.35kW. As nearly all the mechanical components are located outside the duct, most maintenance can be undertaken without having to shut down the AHU. Hygienic operation is assured through a combination of active silver ionisation, the use of pure reverse osmosis water and purge and drain cycles to ensure that microbial growth is kept to an absolute minimum. To demonstrate the totally hygienic performance of the Condair Dual 2, the independent SGS Institute Fresenius in Germany undertakes ongoing regular checks on multiple systems and has certified the humidifier to maintain the most stringent hygiene conditions.

Condair FF2 high pressure spray humidifier

The Condair FF2 high pressure spray humidifier can provide up to 1,080kg/hr of humidification and a potential 745kW of adiabatic cooling from just 3.2kW of consumed energy. 

A high pressure pump feeds RO water, at up to 80bar, to a system of atomising nozzles located inside a duct. The precision engineered nozzles create a fine mist that rapidly evaporates into the air stream with a 95% efficiency. 

A droplet separator is positioned downstream of the nozzles to contain the mist within the humidification section and guarantee droplet-free humidification.

The Condair FF2 provides a cost effective solution for air handling systems incorporating multiple humidification and cooling elements. A single pump station is able to feed different nozzle grids in up to four separate zones.

The Condair FF2 nozzles are stainless steel with a ceramic insert. This provides an extremely durable spray orifice and allows the system to offer a consistently wide spraying angle throughout its long lifetime. A wide spray angle gives more even humidity distribution across the duct, good humidity control and minimises waste water.